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In my short time at COS I have already seen many deep pockets of prayer which is so encouraging!   Many individuals, small groups and Sunday School classes have wonderful commitments to intercession. The call to prayer is a core strength of COS that we want to build on.  At present we do not have an easily accessible process for members and guests to submit prayer requests and ensure that they are being prayed for faithfully.  The purpose of creating PrayerLink is to mobilize more prayer by linking the prayer needs of our church community with a team of dedicated prayer intercessors.  Our desire is to create pathways for prayer that are easy for everyone to access. We do not desire that any existing avenue of prayer at COS stop.  Rather our desire is to enhance the praying life of our church by serving and organizing prayer for more effective mobilization. We don’t want anyone who desires to receive or offer prayer to be left out. Sunday mornings you will notice that the prayer request cards in the back of the pews have been redesigned and simplified as a tool to gather prayer needs. Cards that are filled out will go to the PrayerLink team as well as our staff for weekly prayer.  If you are called to this ministry of prayer and would like to be on the PrayerLink team, please email Deneen McDonald and simply ask to be placed on the team.  You will then receive regular emails with submitted prayer requests. May 2018 be a year filled with joy-filled communication with our God!

-Drew Angus, Executive Pastor of Ministries

Updated January 25, 2018
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