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“…to give you hope and a future”

—Jeremiah 29:11

Our testimony is a magnificent intersection of three grand stories: the ultimate story (God), the biblical story (as recorded in Holy Scripture) and our personal story. My prayer is that this collection of testimonies will encourage you to trust God in new and deeper ways, and to appreciate the fact that our great God is still writing poems through ordinary people who have trusted in an extraordinary gospel (Ephesians 2:10).

Senior Pastor Kevin Flannery

Click here for a compelling collection of testimonies that reveal God's grace in giving us hope and a future.

Testimony. It's what witnesses offer in a court of law. The burden on them is to simply say what they know to be true—what they've seen or experienced first-hand. In the same way, our testimony about Jesus is simply our telling the truth about what he has done for us. It is personal. It is real. And it can change lives. Be bold about your testimony. No one can refute it. It is your story. It is a way for you to praise God for his goodness in your life. Share it. Believe it. Be blessed by it as you bless others with your testimony.

Elder Board Chair Jose Palomino


Our ongoing series of relational Changed Lives videos further show God's presence and guiding hand:

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