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Adult Ministries

If you are looking for a loving and challenging community, we invite you to come and find your place in one of our adult ministries. Geared to different life situations and offering a wide range of social and worship settings, these ministries allow you to find your place of growth and service within the household of God.

Singles Ministry

Several communities, loosely based on age, make up our singles ministries.  The Main Line area touts a higher than average number of singles; we strive to reach out to this community in the most relevant means possible.  If you are looking for a challenge and fellowship, or just have questions, we welcome you to visit and find your place among one of these communities. Go

Men's Ministry

The Men’s Ministry at Chuch of the Saviour has recently begun using the materials created by Top Gun Ministries.  The series is designed to encourage and equip men, based on sound Biblical principles, to be godly leaders in their home, workplace, church and community.  Through a nine-month small group experience a man can expect to... Go

  • Develop a consistent walk with the Lord
  • Build lasting relationships with other men
  • Find his place of service within the church
  • Learn to make an impact for the Kingdom

Women's Ministry

The Women's Team desires to connect with you as you seek to make new friends, to grow in your faith, or to serve and utilize your gifts. This website is one means of helping us connect with you as we focus on knowing, growing and sharing our experiences with the Lord and His Word in a richer, fuller way.

Marriage Ministries

God established marriage with the desire that the couple's union would be a reflection of His glory.  Yet even in the strongest of marriages couples can experience times when they realize they are falling short of that goal. The Marriage Ministry’s objective is to make available tools that will help couples achieve God’s design for their marriage; Resources will consist of classes, seminars,  community groups, mentors, retreats, lists of recommended books, DVDs etc. and where necessary a list of recommended Christian counselors. Go

Learn English as a Second Language (ESL Ministry)

Learning to speak English comfortably can be crucial to completing an education, providing for a family and building a career. In an effort to serve the global community that’s right here in our neighborhood, Church of the Saviour provides ESL classes throughout the year. And we welcome volunteers to help us... no training necessary!

  • Focus is on conversational English
  • Informal classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Ten classes on Saturday mornings (9:30-11:30) in the spring and fall
  • Additional summer or winter classes and one-on-one instruction available
  • Adults and children over age 3 are welcome
  • Optional Bible study and prayer after class
  • Modest registration fee

For more information, please email Yeung Hahn.

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